How Many Ways Can You Say “Oh”?

This is not an idle exercise. It will have a serious purpose. Here is a list I composed this morning. Can you add more?

Ways of Saying “O”
Oh! — I understand
Oh! –Disappointment
Oh! — Pain
Oh! — Ecstasy
Oh! — Frustration
Oh! — Honor (as in O King)
Oh! — Longing
Oh! — Love
Oh! — Compassion
Oh! — Disgust
Oh! — Discovery/Surprise

4 thoughts on “How Many Ways Can You Say “Oh”?

  1. Excitement or expressing ‘Wow as in oh my god
    Hear it on hgtv in reference to newly decorated rooms. Think of the expression as the epitome of evolving society. What was once swearing or used when praying or addressing God is now ‘Wow’

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